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Here are various links that you may find useful. If you want to link here, for whatever reason, we made a little button:


This and the big logo above aren't the nicest of things. If anybody can come up with a better logo, we'd be very happy to see them :-).

  • RMoX trac, provides a wiki tied to the subversion repository and handles bug-reports, etc.
  • rmox.org, is a future site for user-forums and suchlike.
  • RMoX project page, at the University of Kent, where most of the development is happening.

General links

Other operating-systems

  • A large list of operating-systems on Wikipedia (list of OSs), covering most things.
  • Microsoft's Singularity OS, that uses some similar ideas of lightweight processes and communication.
  • QNX Software Systems' QNX Neutrino RTOS, a microkernel based real-time embedded operating system (e.g. in medical instruments, internet routers, emergency call centres).
  • Green Hills Software Inc.'s INTEGRITY real-time system, EAL6+ certified (e.g. in aerospace and automotive industries).
  • LynuxWorks' LynxOS RTOS, LynxOS-SE RTOS and LynxOS-178, the latter DO-178B certified (e.g. for use in military and aerospace applications).
  • Wind River's VxWorks, with DO-178B and IEC 61508 certification (EAL6+ currently being evaluated).
  • Bell Labs' Plan 9, with name-spaces and a parallel-programming approach.
  • Baremetal, a thin x86-64 OS layer (for development and education).

Related links of interest

  • A press release about an OS that has some ideas similar to how we plan to deploy RMoX.

Things that once existed

  • The RMoX wiki at http://rmox.org/wiki/. The contents of this have now been moved into RMoX's trac.


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