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A Scalable, Compositional Operating-System
for Commodity Platforms



RMoX is currently being developed by Fred Barnes, Carl Ritson and Adam Sampson, at the University of Kent, UK, in the Department of Computer Science. People who have worked on RMoX previously include: Brian Vinter, Christian Jacobsen, Peter Welch, David Wood, Alex Foreman and Christian Foecker.

We are also grateful to the following people, who have provided ideas, inspiration, and who have endured our (sometimes lengthy) technical discussions or contributed in other ways (in no particular order): Dyke Stiles, Jim Woodcock, Alister McEwan, Andrew Butterfield, Ana Cavalcanti, Tony Hoare, Mario Schweigler, David Wood, Matt Pedersen, Joe Sheridan, Ruth Ivimey-Cook, Roger Peel, Barry Cook, David Reeve, Phill Camp, Ramsay Taylor, and the WoTUG/CPA Community.

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EPSRC: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council       Computing Laboratory, University of Kent       Programming Languages and Systems Research Group


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